About Me: Nada Djordjevich

Nada Djordjevich has worked as a consultant, editor, and teacher for over 15 years. Originally from the Bay Area, she has lived in San Francisco, Boston, and New York. She currently resides in California.

She is also strongly committed to the arts, and taught creative writing at City College of San Francisco and elsewhere, co-founded an online literary magazine called On the Page, and is currently a member of the group, Bay Area Women in Film and Media. Three of her scripts have placed in major screenwriting competitions (including Bluecat, Zoetrope, Fresh Voices, and Chesterfield Writer’s Film Project), and she was selected to attend several writing residencies and conferences including Squaw Valley Community of Writers, Southampton Writers Conference, Vermont Studio Center and the Colorado Writers Workshop. She has participated in several  readings including the Litquake literary festival and the Basement Series in San Francisco.

Nada Djordjevich has more than fifteen years experience working as a consultant to strengthen schools, communities, health, environmental and arts organizations.  She holds degrees from UC Berkeley and Harvard University.  She has supervised and managed teams of consultants supporting city agencies, school districts, institutes of higher education, and non-profits. In a ten-year period, Nada Djordjevich secured more than $30 million in private, state, and federal funding for STEM education, early childhood, literacy, and college-career readiness programs and initiatives.  As an educator, she has taught history, English language development, study skills and creative writing. She has worked as an academic dean, and as a grade-level chair, and in public and private high schools, and community college and non-profit educational settings.

Nada Djordjevich also enjoys cycling, soccer, and trail running. In 2016, she completed Cycle Oregon, a 400 mile ride along the southern coast of the state. A former bicycle trip leader for Backroads Travel Company, she loves cycling, and as much as possible uses her bike to commute and for her daily activities. Several years ago, she completed the New York City Marathon, and as fun as the event itself was, throughout her four hours of running that race, she vowed never to do a marathon again. She has kept that vow, and has opted for shorter adventures. including the North Face Endurance run and Night Sweats, a midnight run in Tennessee Valley, Marin County. Nada has been very involved in the literary arts, and is a committed volunteer with 826 Valencia. She provided more than 60 hours of service as a writing tutor at Downtown High School, as part of the Acting for Critical Thought partnership with ACT, San Francisco Unified School District, and 826 Valencia. She is a member of several non-profit organizations including San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, SF Tri Club. In addition to cycling, she enjoys skiing, hiking and camping and backpacking.

Nada grew up in a household of pets, and animals and dogs in particular have been a big part of her life. Her current dog, Charley, a rescue combination of breeds, is still an important companion, although at 13, with a torn ACL, he no longer goes backpacking with her. Nada Djordjevich loves to travel, but also appreciate the beauty and grace of everyday life. She likes to combine street photography with scenic images. You can view some of her street and travel photography on her Instagram, Tumblr and Flickr accounts.


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